Shudh Cow Milk

Our Desi Cow Milk is Organic, A2, unadulterated, Raw, unpasteurized and without hormonal injections.

Shudh Cow Milk

Prambhi is the name renowned among the best Shudh Cow Milk Suppliers In Delhi. We follow the traditional standards while raising cows of different breeds including Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar & Rathi. We feed our cow self-grown grass and keep them away from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, etc. to maintain the quality of milk that we offer. We carefully produced and packed with great hygiene to offer more favourable results to customers.

Shudh Cow Milk Suppliers
Shudh Cow Milk Suppliers

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Top Reasons To Get Fresh Cow Milk:

  • Zero Adulteration: A2 milk that we offer comes from our own dairy farm and contains no adulteration and preservatives and ensures 100% purity.
  • Contain Nutrients: Pure Cow Milk has vitamins, calcium, magnesium, antioxidant and other nutrients, which ensure good health of the end-users and keep them away against all the harmful effects that come with A1 milk.
  • Safe To Have: These are gentle on sensitive tummies and don’t trigger the symptoms of milk intolerance.

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Chahiye Shudhta Ki Misal, Pio Shudh Cow Milk Har Bar

Shudh Cow Milk is a nutrient-rich, healthy and delicious drink that balances our poor lifestyle and unadulterated consumption. It contains beta-casein protein and other nutrients, which ensure the purity, goodness and texture of the milk. A glass of Shudh Cow A2 Milk daily can maintain your good health.

It's 100% Shudh and obtained freshly from Desi Cow breeds. We supply its Shudhta to your doorway in all over Delhi/NCR. Call or send your enquiry to know more.