Gir Cow Milk

Our Desi Cow Milk is Organic, A2, unadulterated, Raw, unpasteurized and without hormonal injections.

Gir Cow Milk

At Prambhi, we are connected to our roots and understand the importance of healthy and pure milk in ensuring our good health. Therefore, we offer Desi Cow Milk of Desi Gir Cow. These cows produce organic milk and are fed pure organic diet and also not given any type of hormone growth injections/medicine, antibiotics, etc. that affect the natural quality and properties of the milk. Today, we have our name renowned among the best Gir Cow Milk Suppliers In Delhi.

Gir Cow Milk Suppliers
Gir Cow Milk Suppliers

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Pure A2 Gir Cow Milk Benefits:

  • No Harmful Chemicals: Fresh A2 Gir Cow Milk is produced by organic practice and is free from any contaminants, which preserve its nutrients, texture and taste.
  • Boost Metabolism And Immunity: It delivers all the nutrients to your body, which are necessary for boosting metabolism and immune system.
  • Have Antioxidant Properties: It contains plenty of antioxidants, which make it best for protecting against several health conditions. A2 Gir Cow Milk Delivery In Sonipat is famous among clients, as we make no delays.

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Why Choose Prambhi For Gir Cow Milk?

We value our customers and their health matter to us, therefore, we always offer Gir Cow Milk, which is 100% natural and obtained using traditional milking approach. You can trust us because right from obtaining, to final delivery, we take care of hygiene and maintain the purity of the milk.

  • We use only traditional milking approach.
  • We maintain hygiene and provide fresh and clean milk.
  • We maintain the purity of the milk and make no compromise in the same.
  • We take care of our cows and fed them self-grown grass.
  • Our offered milk is unprocessed and unadulterated.
  • Contains all the nutrients and get packed in clean glass bottles.
  • We distribute it freshly to your doorways in Delhi/NCR.

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