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Prambhi started this journey under the headship of Ms Abhilasha intending to provide pure, fresh and organic A2 Cow milk, delivered to your doorstep. We have Cow Breeds including Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar & Rathi that gave us 100% Desi and pure milk, which has no added preservatives and chemicals. Our name is considered among the best Fresh A2 Cow Milk Suppliers in Delhi.

We have our own farm, where we use only traditional approach for obtaining the milk and hand-churned method for making Desi Ghee. In a very short span by providing doorstep delivery of pure ghee, we have become the trusted platform for Organic Desi Cow Ghee, Bilona Ghee & Farm Fresh Cow Milk. We understand that adulterated milk is taking place of the natural milk and has so many health problems associated with the same. Therefore, we serve unadulterated and non-pasteurized milk.

Our Aim

Our sole objective is to:

  • Protect cows and treat them with love and care
  • Promote a profitable & organic cow milking method
  • Provide Desi A2 Cow Milk And Desi A2 Cow Ghee

Our Qualities:

  • Produce clean and quality milk
  • We don’t use any injections or antibiotics on our cows
  • Deliver milk and ghee directly from our farm to your floor
  • Have better nutrients and vitamins than conventional milk in the market


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As one of the best Organic Desi Cow Ghee Manufacturers, we are here to take the order and provide doorstep delivery. Dial our number to know more.