A2 Ghee

Our Desi Cow Ghee is organic, A2, unadulterated and prepared with Vedic Bilona method.

A2 Ghee

Prambhi brings you farm-fresh, luscious tasting A2 ghee made using hand-churned process from grass-fed pure cow milk. The ghee is creamy and contains natural nutrients, which enhance its value and quality. As one of the best A2 Ghee Manufacturers in Delhi, we promise delivery of high-quality packed ghee to your doorways. We have cows of different breeds including Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar & Rathi from where we obtained fresh milk and use a traditional approach to make ghee, which preserves all its nutrients and qualities.

A2 Ghee Manufacturers
A2 Ghee Manufacturers

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Reasons To Have A2 Ghee:

  • Prevent heart blockage
  • A2 Gir Cow Ghee lower bad cholesterol
  • Boost digestion and immunity
  • Sahiwal Cow Ghee ensures cardiovascular protection
  • A2 Cow Ghee is easy to digest
  • A better and healthier alternative to butter or vegetable oil
  • Have a superior taste and contain all-natural nutrients

As the best A2 Cow Ghee Wholesaler, we take care of, safe packing in the hygiene manner.

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We are one of the preeminent Pure A2 Ghee Suppliers that promise doorstep delivery in no time. We have Tharparkar Cow Ghee, Rathi Cow Ghee and more with 100% purity. Call us to order with us.

Why Choose Us For A2 Ghee?
  • Use traditional Bilona approach
  • Pack them safely in clean glass bottles
  • Supply it all over India
  • Maintain the right hygiene
  • Take care of its purity
  • Give you no chance to complain

Bring you natural taste, texture and fragrance of it to you